If you do not have an Hiselfies account, you can sign up for one in below steps:
(i). Go to www.hiselfies.com or download our Hiselfies App in Andriod / IOS
(ii). Through the signup form, fill out your name, email address or phone number, password, birthday and gender. If you don't see the form, click Sign Up, then fill out the form.
(iii). Click Sign Up.
Once you sign up, you need to confirm your email address or phone number. We will send you verification email or a text message (OTP) to help you confirm your account.
To complete the signup process, you need to confirm the email address or phone number you have provided to set up the account.
Sign up through Hiselfies App: Confirm your phone number by entering the code you received via text message (SMS) in the Activate Account Code.
Sign up through Hiselfies Website: Confirm your email address by opening the link in the email we sent you when you signed up
Go to the top of www.hiselfies.com and enter one of the following:
Email address: You can log in with any email address that's listed on your Hiselfies account
Username: You can also log in with your username
Phone number: If you have signed up with your mobile phone number confirmed on your account you can enter the same to login.
Enter your password and Click Log In
To upload your selfies in Contests, click on any contest / Event to get into the contest page. At the top right corner, you will see Upload tab, click on it to post your selfies in contests.
Selfies uploaded by all users for a contest will appear under tab Selfies.
Refer to Details tab for Rules, Terms & Conditions for that particular contest.
Crowns are Votes / Ratings for your Selfies.
You can vote a Selfie by clicking Gold Crown gold or Silver Crown gold below the photo.
gold Silver Crown = 5 points gold Gold Crown = 10 points.
You cannot crown your own selfie. You can see the list of people who crowned for your selfie by clicking on “Who all Crowned” under your uploaded selfie and on what they crowned.
Hiselfies conducts various themed selfie contests for all selfie lovers. Selfie Contests will also be conducted in association with various Brands, Organisations, Corporates, Individuals, Events, Companies and many more. Contests will have a definite start date, time and Definite End date, time. Each contest will have its own Terms & Conditions based on Sponsors, Organisers and Themes. The contests will also be based on Locations.
For ongoing Contests check tab Happening contests. Future contests will be seen in Upcoming Contests and the previous completed contests can be found in Completed contests.
The App / website utilises an algorithm that takes into account the number of crowns a particular Selfie receives as well as the cumulative points received through Gold and Silver Crowns.
Yes, to receive more crowns on your selfie, use sharing option below the image and share on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many more for all your friends to crown for your selfie and win the contest.
Each contest varies in length however most will not go for longer than 30 days.
The App / website utilises an algorithm that takes into account the number of crowns a particular Selfie receives as well as the cumulative points received through Gold and Silver Crowns.
The winners of the contest will be automatically declared by the system with cumulative points received from Gold and Silver crowns. Crowns received during start time and end time of the contest and Selfie upload time will considered for calculating points and declare winners. In the event of tie, the latest selfie uploaded with more crowns will be taken as the winner by the system. Each contest will have contest wise winners and the number of winners depends and varies from contest to contest at Organiser’s discretion.
Winners of the contest will be seen on the right side of that particular contest on the Trending Bar. You can also see the particular contest’s winners in the Winners Tab inside the contest page.
At Hiselfies user will earn virtual reward points which can be redeemed for coupons with online activities such as sign up, uploading Selfies, getting crowned, winning the contest and much more.
a. Upon successful account registration / activation – 100 credit points
b. Referring a friend – 50 credit points (only after user friend creates an account by referring your code)
c. Sharing for crowns with 15 people – 25 credit points
d. Winners – 500 credit points
e. All the points earned on your selfie in the contest through crowns will be converted as credit points. Credit points will get converted and will be credited in user account after the contest end date.
You can see your virtual credit points balance in two places.
a. On your profile page left side.
b. On the coupons page top right side.
All the added reward (credit) points in your account can be used to redeem Shopping coupons in Hiselfies app or website in Coupons page.
Coupon is a voucher entitling the holder to a discount for a particular product. We help you save money through our comprehensive listing of coupons, offers, deals and discounts from top online brands and websites. Coupon can be a softcopy voucher or Promo codes sent to your email. Stores / websites sometimes call this a promo code, but it is also known as a promotional code, coupon code or discount code.
Redeem coupons from variety of shopping coupon categories by spending your virtual credit points earned through online activities in Hiselfies App or Website. We cater to the online retail and stores retail coupons that includes categories like fashion, travel, furniture, groceries, gifts, books, software and many more.
Refer point 12 on how to earn credit points.
Click on the coupon you want to buy sing your virtual credit points and we will automatically email the link to your registered email address used for sign up of Hiselfies account. When you receive the link in your email, please follow the merchant’s instructions provided in the link to use the discount coupon.
Majority of coupons, offers, discount codes and all other similar promotional codes are provided by third party Merchants and Retailers. We do our best to validate all offers that come in. We also strongly advise that you check that any offers, discounts or coupons have been applied before you complete a purchase online.
Hiselfies.com, Hiselfies App and all its associates & subsidiaries are not responsible for the accuracy of coupon codes provided by the third parties to Hiselfies.
After you join Hiselfies, you can use Search for Selfites to find your friends. You can search for your friends by typing their names or email addresses in the search bar. When you find a friend, you can add them.
You can select your privacy settings by selecting the audience to whom you want to share your information such as your Selfies, Your Friends list, who all can crown you, comment on your selfie and many more. You can change the privacy settings anytime per your requirements.
Open Zone: All or selected posts are open to Public
Selfites Zone: All or selected posts are restricted to your family & friends
Restricted Zone: All or selected posts will be restricted only to yourself
Click the Flag icon below the image to report the inappropriate content as per our Terms & Conditions. Hiselfies team will determine if the image should remain on the App.
Selfies are happiest when they’re shared! We keep a copy of your selfies within our secure database. We may post your selfies on our social pages, or we may provide your selfie to a brand, so they can see how people are using their products. We never provide your personalized information such as name or email.
Hiselfies is delighted to introduce first ever unique feature of automatic profile picture update, this is a first and only on any social network. This feature automatically changes user profile picture either, daily, weekly, monthly or custom preference with predetermined settings by the user. * Hiselfies owns patent rights on this feature.
User can select either manual profile change option or automated profile change option
a. If user Selects manual update: Then he can directly upload from his album or capture from phone and directly change his/her profile picture.
b. If user selects automatic profile change: user has an option to select 15 pictures in a folder and can sequence (order) them per his / her choice. User can choose to change the profile picture Daily, weekly, monthly or can set custom start and end date.
(i) DAILY: Every day one picture will get updated automatically as the profile picture. So all the selected pics will be displayed as per the sequence selected by the user.
(ii) WEEKLY: Every week one picture will get updated automatically as the profile pic. So all the selected pics will be displayed week wise as per the sequence selected by the user.
(iii) MONTHLY: Every Month on 1 st day one picture will get updated automatically as the profile pic. So all the selected pics will be displayed month wise as per the sequence selected by the user.
(iv) Custom Selection: If the user selects Custom DATE (calendar view), User can select any one picture and date, then on that date profile picture will get updated. * Hiselfies owns all patent & Copyrights on this feature. Changes to FAQ’s Hiselfies.com may occasionally update FAQ’s. If we make any material changes in the way we collect, use and/or share personal information that we collect about you through the sites, we will notify you by sending you an email at the last email address that you provided us and/or by prominently posting notice of the changes on the sites.